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Job Applications

Users are able to post their proposals with the cover text to jobs which are interested in. After sending the proposal company which posted the job is informed via email about new application.

Candidate & Company Access

Job Platform implements single access for both roles. So each role is able to create unlimited amount of companies or candidate resume. By using this approach we had decreased application complexity which makes it more flexible.

Awesome User Experience

We created this platform application as much simple as possible. Users after signing in will be able to access one simple navigation with all necessary functionality.

Monetization Options

With the Job Platform, you can monetize your business. At the moment application supports micro transactions for publishing the job and making the job sticky at the top of the list.

Payment Gateways

Application support commonly used payment gateway PayPal. If your country does not support, not a problem at all. We implemented bank transfer option for your customers as well. Are you looking for certain payment gateway? If so feel free to contact us through item comments section with your future request.

Premium Design

Our job application includes professional design with the great use experience. So by purchasing Job Platform you can immediately deploy your application without changing the CSS to get great looking website.

Super Admin Section

In application we implemented Sonata admin bundle so it is possible to change some database objects within admin panel. Please note that application does not implement edit of all fields. We picked only the most important fields and tables.

Favorite Jobs

Users are able to collect list of their favorite jobs so they can return to them back later for example if they completed the profile.

Profile Builder

Profile builder allows to add unlimited amount of educations and experiences. Of course it is possible to add phone, website, social accounts and other important information.


After event in application users could be notified via an email about new situation. Currently application supports events when the orders is completed, new registration accomplished and new job application posted. If you are looking for some sort of new notification feel free to contact us.

Save Search Queries

Application supports saving search queries for the future usage. Users are able to access their saved queries and instantly use complex searches created before.