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 Andreas Antonopoulos – Bitcoin. FREE FULL EPISODE: Andreas Antonopoulos is a …

 Andreas Antonopoulos – Bitcoin.
FREE FULL EPISODE: https://lond..Andreas Antonopoulos is a Greek – California-based information security expert, tech-entrepreneur and author. He is a host on the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast and a teaching fellow for the master in science Digital Currencies at the University of Nicosia.

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00:00 Trailer.
02:04 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
05:56 Brian’s Introduction.
06:30 London Real’s relationship with Max Keiser and Bitcoin.
08:12 Background to Bitcoin revelatory moment for Andreas.
11:56 Satoshi Nakamoto, who (he or she) created the first network centric platform.
12:34 Bitcoin is the first application of the invention there are so many more possible applications.
14:54 Andreas’ fugue type state of complete obsession whilst searching for deeper understanding.
16:59 Why is it that criminals become the early adopters of new technology?
19:23 Government’s connivance.
19:42 Dread Pirate Roberts, the Silk Road and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
20:51 You can’t get stabbed over TCP/IP.
23:58 The Silk Road was the best peer reviewed marketplace. Best quality and best repeat business.
27:08 How Andreas has successfully used his skill to further knowledge of Bitcoin.
29:16 Dichotomy of the volatility in value of Bitcoin tracking interest in Bitcoin.
33:44 The amount of Bitcoins existing and why it doesn’t matter.
36:05 What Bitcoin miners do.
38:11 Difficulty in explaining Bitcoin to the everyday consumer.
40:34 What Andreas is able to purchase with Bitcoin.
43:13 Transformational possibilities of cross border transactions is why Andreas is in Bitcoin.
48:22 How long will his vision take to materialise?
49:35 The amount of investment in the Bitcoin space.
53:45 Competition from other payment opportunities such as Apple Pay and Facebook messenger.
57:47 How does Andreas choose his involvement in Bitcoin?
1:00:23 Why is his a dangerous job, seemingly acting as a lightning rod to certain individuals?
1:03:43 Andreas’ view of what caused the Greek financial crisis and its relationship with Bitcoin.
1:12:51 What is the 20 year outlook for crypto economy space? A self-driving, self-owning Uber taxi?
1:19:14 What happens to the world economy when you bring 6 billion new productive but disconnected people, online?
1:22:51 Success secrets.
1:23:46 London is great, but is it heading for walled courtyards with guards and slum cities around?
1:29:15 Phone call to the 20 year old Andreas.
1:30:09 Best advice Andreas has ever received.
1:33:16 Advice to young people who want to advance cryptocurrencies.
1:35:57 What it is like being on the Joe Rogan show three times.
1:39:15 Brian’s summing up.

Topics discussed:
https://en.w..Blockchain (formerly blockbase)
Distributed Computing
https://en.w..Satoshi Nakamoto original white paper
https://bitc..Silk Road (marketplace)
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
https://en.w..Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP)
https://en.w..Prohibition in the United States
https://en.w..‘The Dark Net: Inside the Digital Underworld’ by Jamie Bartlett
https://en.w..Bitcoin Obituaries
https://99bi..Western Union
https://en.w..‘Zero to One’ by Peter Thiel
https://en.w..Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust
People mentioned in this episode:
Max Keiser
https://lond..David Chaum
https://en.w..Satoshi Nakamoto
https://en.w..Ross Ulbricht (pseudonym Dread Pirate Roberts)
https://en.w..Jamie Bartlett
FULL SHOW NOTES: https://lond..
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